Intertrans Logistics Ltd. operates its own fleet of 30 modern trucks (Mercedes, Volvo and Scania) which have performed over 4,000 intracommunity deliveries of goods, in 2013 alone. All vehicles are equipped with modern GPS tracking systems (Frotcom vehicle tracking system, FleetBoard, Fleet Management), which allow you to locate your cargo at any given time, and track the vehicle route and its progress.

  • The destinations operated by Intertrans Logistics Ltd., include all of Bulgaria and Europe. Our regular destinations include also the Middle East, the Baltic countries, Russia and Turkey.
  • The company operates its own warehouses and storage-accommodations in Bulgaria (Burgas) and Belgium (Antwerp) suitable for storage of goods for long periods of time.
  • All these services combined with a high-grade performance and individual approach to each client make Intertrans Logistics Ltd. the right partner for your transportation.

Complete loads

The transportation or transportation of complete loads is a major part of the activity of Intertrans Logistics Ltd. We have a complex load when one truck is driven out of a truck. Since we have been doing this business for years, we know what the responsibility of transporting full loads is. For this reason, we transport international road haulage and domestic shipments with technically up-to-date, modern trucks.

International and local full loads are transported and delivered by means of transport intended for that purpose.


Freight transport

When planning freight or transit of high-volume and heavy goods that can not be transported by road, it is best to use specialized transport. We at Interstrans Logistics Ltd. offer freight transport throughout Bulgaria and Europe. Our regular destinations are also Middle East, Baltic, Russia and Turkey.


Combined transport

We always try to offer our customers optimal transport solutions with modern vehicles that meet your requirements. From the load ramp of your suppliers or the door of your customers – guaranteed delivery, without overloading, direct, fast and secure!

Continuous transport terminals as well as information processing corridors and all possible logistics technologies and infrastructures are being built. The new and ever-growing business needs require it.


Tugs and semitrailers sales

In addition to transport services, you can buy used semi-trailers and tugs. For more details on available models or other information, please contact us.


Do you need a personal solution?

With our expert knowledge of markets and routes, we can guarantee our customers that their goods are in safe hands at all times.